genuine organic products

With the expansion of the organic market, several new and traditional brands have joined the mania. Ascertaining what’s organic and what’s not at the primary look are often a task if you’re new, so here’s a quick look at everything you need to be careful about while selecting authentic organic products.

It is important to first understand that almost anyone can use the “Organic” label on their products. Do not fall for that. What you need to look for are authentic Organic certificates.

NPOP certificate

This certification allows a brand to use the India Organic logo. The India Organic certification mark certifies that an organic food product conforms to NPOP standards. The scope of the NPOP is comprehensive. This includes policies for the development and certification of organic products and national standards for those products and processes.

USDA Certification

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which is the U.S. federal executive department responsible for developing and executing federal laws related to farming, forestry, rural economic development, and food. They too offer a food safety certification to identify healthy organic products.

Many USDA agencies serve the growing organic sector. The USDA National Organic Program regulates all organic agricultural products certified to the USDA organic standards. Organic certification verifies that farms or handling facilities comply with the organic regulations and allows producers to sell, label, and represent their products as organic.

OnceCert Certificate

OneCert was accredited as a certifying agent on April 22, 2003, to the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) for crops, wild crops, livestock, and handling operations. This certification involves the brand having to comply with the standards of the country where the organic products will be sold.

SGS Certificate

This certification demonstrates that the brand’s products, processes, systems or services are compliant with national and international regulations and standards.

Gujarat Organic Products Certification Agency (GOPCA)

A GOPCA certification means that the product has undergone a verification process of determining that the said product is organic and in compliance with the organic standards of NPOP. It is a Gujarat government certification body that carries out impartial third party inspection & certification in organic production and handling.

Ayuda’s Contribution

Adding to this, is the movement of self-reliant India - “Vocal For Local” Ayuda Organics is playing a pivotal role in meeting the demands of the consumer by home grown, natural and organic products and strengthening the supply chain to benefit the economy as well as the citizen of India. Placing local produce in the forefront, Ayuda Organics products are produced with love and cared by farmers and professionals who have been in this field for over 15 years, which is truly reflected in the taste and freshness of our products.