Benefits of Bilona Ghee over conventionally processed ghee

Benefits of Bilona Ghee over conventionally processed ghee

Who doesn’t love a dollop of ghee over their hot parathas in the morning? It is no secret that every Indian dish tastes ten folds better with some desi ghee ka tadka. It is healthy and super delicious! Hence, it is equally important that we understand, how this clarified ghee is processed and whether our ghee comes from the right source.

What is desi Bilona ghee?

The most traditional way to make ghee, termed bilona is considered to render the purest and authentic taste along with numerous health benefits. According to this method, ghee is made from curd instead of malai. The most important thing to not here is that the only desi cow’s milk is used for this process.

So, how is bilona ghee better than the conventional processed ghee?

Assists healthy digestion

The liver processes the fatty acids in desi ghee faster and breaks it down into energy. This also helps the body in easy absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. This also eases constipation.

Glowing Skin

Bilona ghee is a great moisturiser for your skin. It also helps with chapped lips, dark circles around your eyes and rashes. Just apply to the affected area and let bilona ghee do its magic. Enhances immunity

Known to boost immunity, Bilona ghee acts an important supplement to maintaining the healthy functioning of the heart, brain and also helps with bone strength. It is also rich in vitamin-A.

For Herbal Preparation

Bilona ghee is known to be one of the best carrier oil for herbal preparations. Especially in Chywanprash, which exclusively used desi ghee to mix its naturally sourced herbal mixes.


It is said that one must consumer at least a spoonful of bilona ghee during a meal. This dissolved the lipid soluble toxins, which are then excreted out via the digestive tract.

Anti-ageing properties

Many claim that consumption of bilona ghee, along with a balanced diet and regular exercise keeps our body active and slows down the ageing process.

Improved energy levels

It is said the bilona ghee, being easily digestible is a great source of instant energy. With the faster conversion of its fat into energy, the body feels active instantly.