Bilona Ghee

The Ayuda Organics Gir Cow Vedic Bilona Ghee is made with traditional Vedic bilona process. The process is mostly divided into five interrelated steps.

Sanskar 1 - Procurement & Boiling:

We at Ayuda Organics have about 70 gir cows of our own. The quality of gir cow milk is largely dependent on the diet of cows. That's why on our farm we are conscious about Gir cow feeding. In the traditional process, 25-30 litre cow milk is essential for making around 1 litre of cow ghee. Vedic Process of making Ghee starts with its 1st Sanskar by boiling Desi Gir Cow A2 milk. The milk is boiled over firewoods. This long boiling process helps in two ways. The milk collected gets completely disinfected and safe for consumption. On the other hand, by using the boiling process, the gir cow milk gets more concentrated.

Sanskar 2 - Curdling:

The boiled milk is then

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