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  1. Benefits of Bilona Ghee over conventionally processed ghee

    Benefits of Bilona Ghee over conventionally processed ghee

    Benefits of Bilona Ghee over conventionally processed ghee

    Who doesn’t love a dollop of ghee over their hot parathas in the morning? It is no secret that every Indian dish tastes ten folds better with some desi ghee ka tadka. It is healthy and super delicious! Hence, it is equally important that we understand, how this clarified ghee is processed and whether our ghee comes from the right source.

    What is desi Bilona ghee?

    The most traditional way to make ghee, termed bilona is considered to render the purest and authentic taste along with numerous health benefits. According to this method, ghee is made from curd instead of malai. The most important thing to not here is that the only desi cow’s milk is used for this process.

    So, how is bilona ghee better than the conventional processed ghee?

    Assists healthy digestion

    The liver processes the fat

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  2. A2 Desi Cow Milk Benefits

    A2 Desi Cow Milk Benefits

    Why You Need To Switch to A2 Milk

    You have been enjoying milk with your breakfast cereal, smoothie or latte, but how sure were you until now that it may not have been the best thing in the world. Is it organic enough? Was it sourced ethically? Does it have the right protein?

    These and many such worries have given wind to the A2 milk movement, where more and more environmentally and morally conscious millennials are currently making the switch to A2 milk. And here are a few reasons why.

    Easy Digestion

    Can’t stand milk? We get it. If you have trouble digesting milk and haven’t got much success with lactose-free varieties either, then A2 milk is for you. It is easier to digest and hence saves you from abdominal pain, gas and gastrointestinal inflammation.


    Make that switch, because it is the moral thing to do! If

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